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When will EMERGENCY be released?

In Summer 2023. No specific release date has been set yet. Follow our Community Hub for any updates and Wishlist the game to get notified as soon as the game is released.

What platforms will the game be available on?

EMERGENCY will first be available on Steam for Windows. Other platforms are planned for a later date.

Why is EMERGENCY going to be a Free-to-Play game?

Making EMERGENCY Free-to-Play gives us a chance to keep developing the game after release, so we can provide you with content for many years to come. As an online multiplayer game, we also rely on having a big and active player base. With a free game a lot more players are likely to give the game a try and join the fun.

Do I have to spend money in the game to play properly?

No, you can play just fine without spending any money. There will be no units behind paywalls or anything like that. Our in-app purchases are limited to cosmetic items like skins, as well as boosters and consumables, that give your team advantages in the fight against chaos.

Is there a beta and where can I apply?

There will be no permanently running beta, but we will run several tests in the future, so make sure to follow the Community Hub and Wishlist the game to get all news updates.

Does the game have co-op or online gameplay? Can I play offline? Will there be a campaign?

The game is a an online co-op multiplayer where you can play with players from all over the world. You can also play in single-player mode, but you do need to be online to play as you need access to our servers. A campaign with story mode is currently not included.

What units are there?

At the initial release the following units will be included in the game:

Fire department

  • Fire truck - Firefighters
  • Water tender
  • Ladder truck

Medical department

  • Medical Vehicle - Doctor
  • Ambulance - Paramedic

Police department

  • Police car - Police officers
  • SWAT truck - SWAT officers

Technical department

  • Engineer car - Engineer
  • Heavy crane

Will more units be added later?

Yes! More units will be added in future updates after release.

Where does EMERGENCY fit into the series?

EMERGENCY will be a new chapter in the EMERGENCY series.

Fans of previous titles will recognize a lot of stuff from the classic games, but will also notice that we have a completely new gameplay system, especially with the focus on the co-op multiplayer aspect. The game will be a fast-paced real-time strategy game all about teamwork and collaboration.

As a PC title, EMERGENCY will be more complex than our mobile game EMERGENCY HQ, which is a more casual version of the strategy game.

Will there be modding support?

Since EMERGENCY is not a direct continuation of the classic series, we can unfortunately not offer modding support. The good news for the modding community, however, is that the servers for EM4 and EM5 will continue to run, thus ensuring the continued operation of the many creative mods.

And even though EMERGENCY will explore new avenues, we hope that fans of the classic series will continue to support us with their constructive feedback to improve and expand the new EMERGENCY.

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