Release Notes 2023.09.11.5


  • Content: Increased variety of shifts (added 30 new trainee/easy emergencies)
  • Electricity: If the power is deactivated in an emergency, chaos is now only created for the deactivated area and no longer in every active emergency
    • Balancing: Reduced chaos impact for disabled electrical power areas from +600 per/min to +300 per/min
  • Balancing: Bomb timer now scales with the difficulty level
    • The timer of bombs is longer on low difficulties and becomes shorter on higher difficulties
  • Balancing: XP-curve adjustments: Adjusted the required XP for a level-up based on our statistics and player feedback, that higher difficulties were too hard for beginners. Players will have more time in lower difficulties to gain experience and earn coins and upgrade cards to be better prepared for higher difficulties. Already attained player levels are not affected.
  • Fixed bugs
    • ID 3567: Fixed inconsistency in behaviour of bomb objectives unit slots so it behaves like e.g. ladder rescue objectives
    • ID 7046: Resolve objectives that glitched out of the playable map area automatically to avoid breaking the game
    • ID 7185: Fixed ambulance additional doctor teleport to the map border when ordering the doctor back to the ambulance while it is currently transporting an objective to HQ
    • ID 7348: Fixed that Verticopters could block mouse interaction below the flight path
    • ID 7356: Fixed that sometimes the surrender animation of gangsters wasn't played
    • ID 7366: Countryside: Fixed burning pavilion in "Hooligans cause tension" which couldn't be reached by firefighters
    • ID 7485: Added central detection and resolve of objectives which were for some reason deleted, but not correctly unregistered, to avoid breaking the game
    • ID 7454: Fixed rare medical care objective left over after host migration which could not be resolved
    • ID 7455: Countryside "Mafia tries to drown a VIP" event: Fixed that the person on the excavator could already be treated while the excavator animation was playing, resulting that the injured person glitched under ground
    • ID 7469: Fixed that spawning events could hide burning objectives in rare cases
    • ID 7340: Fixed that finished events could in certain cases leave unresolvable objectives in nearby other event

Operation map

  • Reworked quickplay: Quickplay matchmaking will now search in a wider range of shifts, to increase the probability of finding a good match
  • Matchmaking: Single players in matchmaking will not automatically start the game any more alone if no other players were found after 2 minutes
  • Fixed bugs
    • ID 5160: Next attempt to fix that some players didn't have available shifts after returning to the operation map: If after three seconds no new shifts were received, the client now connects to a completely other server
    • ID 6795: Fixed that players could accidentally start a wrong shift above their recommended difficulty level by interacting with a different shift during matchmaking (version 2023.08.30.9 didn't resolve the issue completely)
    • ID 6893: The difficulty visibility filter setting is now saved


  • Fixed bugs
    • ID 5099: The attachments of the offroad skin now have damage visualization as well
    • ID 6676: Fixed that in rare situations the vehicle hologram was shown with a wrong not transparent material
    • ID 7453: Fixed that the fire danger radius highlighting of trees was sometimes not visible on the floor

User Interface

  • Operation map
    • Added tooltip for the recommended difficulty marker
    • Added tooltip for the friends list entry that shows the current online state
    • Added matchmaking time estimate to the matchmaking widget
  • Player profile
    • Added units showcase
    • Added level up reward preview
    • The player avatar can now also be changed during a shift
    • The player profile of other players can now be inspected
  • Briefing
    • Added a forfeit panel to the briefing screen (available via ESC menu). A forfeit vote will reset the ready states of all players.
  • Shift
    • Improved communication of disabled electrical power impact on chaos 
    • Added heat collapse and slip indicator to unit status overlay
  • Fixed bugs
    • ID 6729: Added chaos limit reached notification spam protection
    • ID 6896: Fixed a bug where the focus indicator for units outside of the screen would not disappear if the unit was heavily injured
    • ID 7254: Fixed that the red exclamation mark electricity damage icon over a person which received damage didn't disappear in certain situations
    • ID 7384: Fixed that ★ and a few other symbols were not correctly displayed in player names


  • Fixed bugs
    • ID 6849: Fixed fire sounds for multi-level buildings


  • DLSS: Updated from 3.1.11b to 3.5.0b
  • Fixed bugs
    • Crash fixes based on received crash dumps sent via the crash report dialog
    • Fixed localization issues which became known to us
    • ID 7021: Removed odd "bomb exploded" message from chat
    • ID 7212: Settings -> Interface -> Language: Changed name of the languages. For example, if English is the current used language, instead of "German" one can now read "Deutsch".

Thank you for providing us with feedback by sending crash dumps via the crash report dialog and writing bug tickets on Discord. If you found new bugs or if your reported bug still exists, feel free to continue using Discord to get in touch with us.