Rlease Notes 2023.11.29.13

New Update Available


  • Water Tank Update
    • In EMERGENCY, fires are supposed to be a threat to civilians and emergency services. The danger posed by fires and their escalation is further exacerbated with the water tank update - extinguishing fires now requires more micromanagement, positioning of fire engines, coordination and support from team members (in multiplayer mode).
    • The water tank update reduces the size of the water tank of the water tender and ladder truck.
    • We added 8 new Upgrade Cards:
      • Water Tender:
        • Water Tank Size (Attribute) (Rare)
          • Card to permanently increase the water volume of the tank
        • Water Consumption (Attribute) (Uncommon)
          • Reduces the consumption of water during an extinguishing or cooling process
        • Water Refill (Attribute) (Common)
          • Speeds up the refilling of the water tank
      • Ladder Truck:
        • Water Tank Size (Attribute) (Rare)
          • Card for permanently increasing the water volume of the tank
        • Water Consumption (Attribute) (Uncommon)
          • Reduces the consumption of water during an extinguishing or cooling process
        • Water Refill (Attribute) (Common)
          • Speeds up the refilling of the water tank
        • Heat Shield (Passive ability) (Rare)
          • Reduces the fire area during extinguishing
      • Fire Truck:
        • Water Tank (Passive Ability) (Legendary)
          • Card adds a water tank to the fire truck to make it more versatile
    • Upgrade Card Rework:
      • Heat Shield - The passive ability for water tender and ladder truck (NEW) has been reworked
        • Extinguishing now reduces the fire area to better visualize the effect of the card. The reduced fire area thus ensures greater safety for all emergency crews
      • Extinguishing Training - The passive ability for firefighters has been expanded to include the heat shield ability and now also reduces the fire area during extinguishing
    • Upgrade Card Balancing:
      • Equipment - The fire extinguisher has been improved to make the card more flexible to use
        • The runtime is now 90 seconds on ALL levels (previously 30s/60s/90s)
        •  Extinguishing power from 9 to 13
    • Chaos System:
      • As a consequence of the water tank change, it is now more difficult to extinguish larger fire objects, such as multi-story buildings or forest groups. We have increased the chaos reduction for various systems. This affects the completion of the task itself and increases the reduction of chaos at the completion of the respective rescue missions:
        • Chaos reduction for objects with hazard level 3/5, 4/5 and 5/5 increased by 10%.
        • Chaos reduction for injured persons increased by 20%
        • Once a fire objective has been extinguished, it takes a little longer for it to start burning again (increased time ~20%)
        • Base damage for non-injured persons in indoor rescue and ladder rescue has been reduced by 20%
  • Singleplayer Mission Rotation
    • An improved selection of rescue missions is now available for shifts in single player: Rescue missions played in one shift are prioritized down in the following shift in the same operational area to prevent the same rescue mission from occurring twice in a row in one operational area.
  • Mission Content
    • 15 new missions for medium/hard difficulty
    • 9 small Holiday missions
  • Achievements
    • Added 187 new Steam Achievements
    • All one-time Achievements (like completing the tutotrial) already achieved by the player will be counted as such. All other Achievements will start counting from zero.
  • Fixed bugs
    • ID 7640: The damage of fire will now be correctly reduced when that fire objective is being extinguished by a unit with Heat Shield.
    • ID 7966 & 8128: When sending multiple units to an objective that only a fixed number of units can interact with, they will no longer fight for the same interaction spot, leading to one of them not starting their work. Instead each unit will take their own spot until all spots are in use.
    • ID 8028: Fixed turned off electricity turning back on when the host of the match leaves
    • ID 8107: Seriously injured units will now be properly restored after the host of the match leaves
    • ID 8257, 8327, 8328, 8410: Fixed that progress for daily / weekly quests was occasionally not counted in multiplayer games
    • ID 8258: Verticopters will now fly much closer to each other. Previously they would sometimes fly so high above one another that you could not see them anymore. They will also find lower flying spots in general if there is room for flying in and out.
    • ID 8299: Fixed an issue that caused injured gangsters to keep walking around
    • ID 8325 & 8579: When turning off electricity in one area and resolving the corresponding event, the electricity of an adjacent area won't be stuck in the off state anymore.
    • ID 8381: Fixed a bug that would cause exploded bombs to reappear after the host has left the game
    • ID 8433: Gangsters which become injured after surrendering will now correctly change to a medical objective
    • ID 8466: Injured bystanders will now stay injured after the host has left the game and injured gangsters will no longer be part of their group
    • ID 8495: Water tanks of Water Tenders and Ladder Trucks will now always be drained when extinguishing, even if the vehicle parks on a water position with an empty tank
    • ID 8540: Fixed that automatic doctor healing wasn't always working close to previous gangster areas
    • ID 8505: Fixed paramedics' stretcher going through a fence directly after exiting the ambulance on some parking spots


  • Fixed bugs
    • Fixed localization issues which became known to us


  • Added visual effect for the chaos reducing Broadcast consumable
  • Verticopter flares will no longer spawn on top of the intended target but to their side. For larger targets multiple flares will spawn.
  • Added damage particle effects to units who take damage in a danger zone of fire or electricity
  • Bloom can now optionally be disabled via settings -> video -> quality -> enable bloom = false
  • Fixed bugs
    • ID 6683: Destroyed vehicles will now still show up as destroyed after the host changed
    • ID 8307: Verticopter preview flares will no longer show up during preview of special abilities
    • ID 8427: Cranes which completed the last objective of an event will no longer skip parts of their animation
    • ID 8558: Verticopter flares will no longer show up twice when lifting a heavy object

User Interface

  • Mini map: It's now possible to hold the left mouse button to drag the camera across the map
  • Hints may now be removed from the hint list with right mouse button
  • Ladder trucks that are docked to a ladder rescue objective will now show a unit inventory, which indicates how many units can still fit on the ladder and whose units are already on the ladder
  • Ladder trucks will keep showing as an active unit on ladder rescue objectives as long as their ladder is extended. With no firefighters this means 1/3 and with 2 firefighters 3/3 slots will light up, where previously there were only 2 for the firefighters only.
  • Added a celebratory sound effect when claiming your daily login reward
  • Fixed bugs
    • ID 7239: Fixed right-click scrolling in the chat always scrolling all the way down first
    • ID 7510: Fixed wrong icons used in the Unit Overview when arresting criminals
    • ID 7880: In the debriefing, chaos generated by critically injured (red) will now be displayed separately from chaos generated by minor and serious injuries
    • ID 8272: Fixed an issue where events would show up multiple times in the debriefing if the host left during the game
    • ID 8317: Fixed a bug where after changing the group leader, players invited by the previous group leader could no longer be invited
    • ID 8323: Improved visibility of selected unit state in the units overview
    • ID 8369: Continuous damage will now be properly displayed for all players in multiplayer games
    • ID 8382: Fixed a bug where the ladder rescue icon would disappear if the host left during the game
    • ID 8405: Fixed that the bystanders display was using a difficult to read gray color when there were still bystanders on the scene
    • ID 8409: Fixed an issue where the online state of one player would show up for a different player in the invite to group list
    • ID 8162: Fixed some upgrades' effects such as Rescue Lane not being properly displayed in the Unit Details Panel tooltips


  • Added new settings "Audio Language" and "Origin Siren Language" inside the new language tab. With this you will be able to separately set the interface language, the voice over language and the siren sounds (only for Origin skins, country-specific skins will still have the corresponding siren).
  • Fixed bugs
    • ID 8298: Adjusted Polish siren sound volume so they have the same volume as other siren sounds

Photo Mode

  • During photo capturing LOD is manipulated to get improved visual results
  • Added roll clockwise/counterclockwise/reset keys E/Q/R
  • Added new controls setting "Photo Mode Mouse Sensibility"
  • Fixed bugs
    • ID 8290: Booster effects are no longer visible in photo mode


  • Added a Christmas avatar and holiday decorations
  • Adjusted the Top Accomplishments shown in the Debriefing
  • Fixed bugs
    • Crash fixes based on received crash dumps sent via the crash report dialog
    • ID 8220: Groups of bystanders resolved by the disperse bystanders ability will now be correctly counted in the debriefing statistics
    • ID 8378: Fixed problem which was introduced in version 2023.11.07 (UE 5.1 -> UE 5.2.1 upgrade) that changed controls were no longer saved

Thank you for providing us with feedback by sending crash dumps via the crash report dialog and writing bug tickets on Discord. If you found new bugs or if your reported bug still exists, feel free to continue using Discord to get in touch with us.