The Biggest Update to date for EMERGENCY is live

Major Update with new Map! Now also available on Mac!

Firefighters, paramedics, police, and the technical department are facing new rescue missions in EMERGENCY! The biggest update to date for the latest game in the internationally acclaimed real-time strategy series has gone live.

Players can look forward to a total of 80 additional rescue missions in a brand-new area of operations. Following Downtown, Countryside, and Laborton, the Industrial Port is the fourth area of operation in EMERGENCY, providing the perfect backdrop for challenging rescue missions. Many of these missions are specifically developed for the technical department. Moreover, the first season started, during which the top players can secure valuable premium currency. Further upgrades for emergency teams and animated Life-Line skins for all vehicles are also available now. Additionally, with the latest version, EMERGENCY is fully playable on Mac.

Features of the extensive EMERGENCY update:

  • New area of operation: Industrial port with rail and track facilities as the fourth operation area
  • 80 new rescue missions: A variety of new challenges, including many missions for the technical department
  • Seasonal Ranking System: Earn points during the season, rank among the best players and receive the premium currency EMeralds
  • More than 20 new upgrade cards: More options to enhance emergency units and complete the card collection
  • Life-Line skins for all vehicles: The popular animated Life-Line skins are available for all EMERGENCY vehicles.
  • Now available for Mac: With the new update, EMERGENCY is also be fully playable on Mac

EMERGENCY, now featuring all the exciting updates mentioned above, is accessible for free on Steam.

Please find more information about EMERGENCY on the website, Discord, and Steam.

And here are the updates/bugfixes in the new update in detail:


  • New operational area: Welcome to the "Industrial Port" with 80 new, exciting and challenging rescue missions
  • 25 new Upgrade Cards
    • Attribute:
      • Unit Health Regeneration
        • Regeneration Time Delay (Rare) - Reduced Regeneration start timer
        • Regeneration per second (Common) - Increased Regeneration per second
        • These two new upgrade cards for unit health regeneration are available for all operational personnel (Firefighter, Doctor, Paramedic, Police Officer, SWAT Unit, Engineer)
      • Police and SWAT Damage
        • Gun Damage (Uncommon) - Reduced Gun Damage
        • Melee Damage (Uncommon) - Reduced Melee Damage
        • These two new upgrade cards are available for Police Officer and SWAT Unit
      • Boost Crane
        • The Engineer receives the Attribute Card to increase the boost crane efficiency
    • Passive Ability:
      • First Aid Training (Common)
        • Available for Police Officer and Firefighters
        • Units with First Aid Training can treat minor injuries
      • Thermal Blanket (Rare)
        • Ability is now available for Firefighters
      • Bulletproof Vest (Rare)
        • Ability is now available for Police Officers
      • Rescuing People Training (Epic)
        • Doctor receives a new rescue training
          • Level 1: Doctors are able to pick up injured people
          • Level 2: Doctors are able to resolve Indoor Rescue Objectives
          • Level 2: Doctors are able to complete Ladder Rescue Objectives
      • Additional Engineer in Fire Truck (Epic)
        • Adds an Engineer to the Fire Truck
      • Additional Paramedic in Ambulance (Legendary)
        • Adds a second paramedic to the Ambulance
    • Active Ability:
      • Stun Grenade (Legendary)
        • Stun Grenade is now available for Police Officers
    • Balancing Note for Additional Units in Vehicles:
      • With this update, it is possible to equip two cards with an additional unit for an emergency vehicle. These cards always bring reduced efficiency for all emergency personnel in this vehicle. If two cards are combined for an emergency vehicle, the efficiency reduction works as follows:
        Additional Doctor in Ambulance (Level 1 = -40% Unit Efficiency) and Addtional Paramedic in Ambulance (Level 1 = -40% Unit Efficiency)
        • The efficiency of the units in the vehicle is 36% (1*0.6*0.6)
  • Gameplay Balancing
    • Police Officer and SWAT Unit Gun Damage changes:
      • Police Officer Gun Damage from 70 to 60
      • SWAT Unit Gun Damage from 70 to 90
  • Seasonal Ranking
    • The top 10 players of each 3-month season will get special rewards
  • Fixed bugs
    • ID 6672: Fixed stuck Paramedic at gene lab in Countryside
    • ID 7491: Fixed blocked unit parking position in Countryside in "Gas truck causes forest fire" and "Street on fire"
    • ID 7499: Fixed ladder rescue in "Burning Money" mission in downtown
    • ID 8647: Fixed a cause of missing objectives after host migration for certain events
    • ID 8688: Fixed a rare random client replicated problem which resulted in no available unit slots
    • ID 8706: Fixed chaos increase for some objectives/escalation combinations erroneously being displayed as 0 or as the sum of all escalations instead of only the correct escalation in tooltips
    • ID 8743: Changes in the bystander debuff of an event and team leader buff will now be taken into account during the defusing of a bomb and not only at the start
    • ID 8840: Fixed that an arrest objective could stay open in case the criminal got injured
    • ID 8849: Burnt down trees can no longer resurrect and catch fire after the host of the match leaves.
    • ID 8900: Fixed broken mission camera position for "Smuggler in the forest" in Countryside and other missions
    • ID 9034: Fixed flying injured in "Deconstruction by rioters" mission (countryside)
    • ID 9039: Fixed that Firefighters appeared inside each other after an indoor or ladder rescue
    • ID 9052: Fixed broken electricity switch in "Electric prison" mission in Downtown 
    • ID 9191: Fixed that an already completed indoor rescue could trigger by fire again, resulting in an not solvable indoor rescue
    • ID 9375: Fixed that Firefighter extinguish automation wasn't working with fire truck water tank
    • ID 9396: Fixed broken liftable block for electricty objectives in Countryside
    • ID 9434: Fixed sometimes wrong player attribution of harmed and healed/repaired units in debriefing statistics
    • ID 9496: Fixed stuck injured units in "Accident results in explosion" mission
    • ID 9531: Various fixes when trees cannot be cut with a chainsaw (all operational areas)
    • ID 9564: Fixed that no consumables could be used when there was a host migration in the briefing already
    • ID 9572: Fixed that chainsaw ability usage did not properly count for achievements
    • ID 9614: Fixed that shown objective progress started twice when using a Verticopter


  • Units and Civilians that take continuous damage (from fires or injury deterioration) will now have red particles to show that they are losing health. This can be turned off in the settings like other particles. The particles won't appear if the unit is moving or if a Civilian has a thermal blanket.
  • Fixed bugs
    • ID 9345: Fixed ambulance headlight emissive
    • ID 9475: Fixed that on clients the strecher of a paramedic got visible as soon as the paramedic itself was put onto the stretcher or another unit
    • ID 9533: Visual vehicle damage smut is now correctly handled on clients

User Interface

  • Collection: Upgrades UI overhaul (permanent and equipable upgrades now have their own tabs and the filters list has been improved)
  • Briefing: Alert Mode UI overhaul (layout updates to make the interaction more clear)
  • HUD: Upgrades display rework (moved upgrades to the left corner and changed visualization, so they are less in the way but still visible)
  • HUD: Now displaying current distance of moving unit vehicle to the target parking slot
  • Ingame-UI: Added a command preview display for calling units or Verticopters to make the expected hotkey more clear
  • Fixed bugs
    • ID 7595: Fixed card strength display inside the briefing which didn't show a full bar for 100 percentage
    • ID 8171: Fixed upgrades overlapping unit slots when add slot global card is active
    • ID 9137: Fixed upgrades overlapping unit slots in lower screen aspect ratios
    • ID 9393: Now maintaining a fixed order of ability icons in a multi-selection of different units
    • ID 9434: Fixed occasional wrong player assignment of injured/damaged, healed/repaired units in debriefing
    • ID 9452: Fixed that parking position highlight under mouse would stay visible when a selected heavy crane starts lifting an object
    • ID 9473: The efficiency tooltip for the selected unit now considers the team efficiency debuff due to an additional unit in the vehicle


  • Due to the high demand, the animated Life Line skin is now available for all unit vehicles and can be purchased in a bundle or separately
  • Now available on Mac: Added x86 and ARM Mac version
  • Changed "Select Idle Unit" hotkey default from "^" to "i" to make it Mac compatible
  • Upgraded from UE 5.2.1 to UE 5.3.2
  • Fixed bugs
    • Crash fixes based on received crash dumps sent via the crash report dialog
    • Fixed localization issues which became known to us
    • ID 8685: Tuned Italian sirens

Thank you for providing us with feedback by sending crash dumps via the crash report dialog and writing bug tickets on Discord. If you found new bugs or if your reported bug still exists, feel free to continue using Discord to get in touch with us.