EMERGENCY - Release Notes 2023.08.30.9


  • Shift combination logic
    • First part of an improvement for the shift combination logic to have a more mixed variety of selected rescue missions for your shift
  • Fixed bugs
    • ID 5815: Fixed rare gangster objective left over which could not be resolved
    • ID 6754: Fixed rare electricity objective left over which could not be resolved
    • ID 6818: Fixed rare injury objective left over which could not be resolved
    • ID 6859: Reworked the logic for electricity objective burst damage
    • ID 6915: Fixed "Pepper spray" ability applied twice
    • ID 7033: The consumables have no longer a secondary default key binding to avoid accidental usage
    • ID 7071: Fixed two missions in the Countryside map occasionally spawning inside one another which could not be resolved
    • ID 7185: Rescue personnel will less likely be stuck in the ground
    • ID 7044: Transportable injured persons now can be rescued by a Verticopter by clicking on the "injured" icon


  • Added voice overs in Italian (IT), Spanish (ES) and French (FR)
  • Added support for Chinese, Japanese and Korean ideographs as well as a wide range of emoji
  • Fixed bugs
    • Fixed localization issues which became known to us
    • ID 6638: Fixed incomplete German tutorial voice line

Operation map

  • Added friends list and chat on the operation map
    • Chat with your squad via game chat
    • Chat with your Steam friends via game chat
  • Fixed bugs
    • ID 5160: Fixed that some players didn't have available shifts after returning to the operation map
    • ID 6795: Fixed that players could accidentally start a wrong shift above their recommended difficulty level by interacting with a different shift during matchmaking
    • ID 7090: The "maximum research points reached" notification will no longer appear when you own all Upgrade Cards


  • Added sharpen and anti-aliasing method settings which can be found inside the video tab
  • Reduced VRAM usage (might result in visible texture streaming)
  • Verticopters now have lights
  • Verticopter animation refinements
  • Reduced Verticopter building clipping
  • Fixed bugs
    • ID 4675: If an integrated graphics cards was detected, reduced quality of reflections to deal with the limited resources. Please note that while we try to get the game working for as many players as possible, we officially can't support integrated graphics cards.
    • ID 6682 & 6747: A few players reported a crash or black screen, while minimum system requirements were met. Although we officially can't support it, we enabled Direct3D 11 (-d3d11 launch option) and Vulkan RHI (-vulkan launch option). So players who are unable to use the Direct3D 12 RHI have alternatives (choose none or one of them, don't enter both).
    • ID 7101: Fixed that sometimes rescue personnel ground markers stayed visible for a short time after the person already entered the vehicle
    • ID 7147: When the default skin is equipped, in rare situations another skin was visible on some meshes
    • ID 7220: The resolution scale setting wasn't saved

User Interface

  • Player rank is now displayed in the player profile
  • Team player profile icons: Added a RMB context menu and steam friends button functionality
  • Updated chat text styling to make messages more readable
  • Reworked the bystanders display in the emergencies list
  • Better visibility in night shifts with highlighted mouse cursor. Can be disabled via gameplay settings ("Show Light Below Cursor at Night")
  • The photosensitivity warning and logos will now only be shown once per game session
  • Fixed bugs
    • ID 3572: Selecting a destroyed vehicle will no longer show command target highlighting
    • ID 5960: Disperse groups of bystanders tooltip: "Press Right Shift to show more info" didn't show more information
    • ID 6307: Persons rescued from an building could sometimes cause a floating eye icon to remain in the world
    • ID 6564: Changed the chaos update display in the "event finished" notification to show the absolute value instead of the percentage
    • ID 6904: Fixed that Alt + F4 during the loading screen didn't show the penalty warning, which resulted in the situation that EMERGENCY could not be terminated correctly
    • ID 7276: Fixed click through behaviour of the unit details panel


  • Rework of the background music to provide more variety
  • Added separate settings for ambient and siren volume which can be found in the audio tab
  • Added Push-To-Talk option (needs to be enabled via audio settings)
  • Added a preview sound to be played while changing audio volume settings
  • Added sound for failed forfeit votes
  • Fixed bugs
    • ID 6615: Reduced the volume of US fire engine sounds
    • ID 7148: Engineer car and heavy crane sirens were the same for all skins


  • The player support ID (PlayFab ID) can now easily be copied into the clipboard via the new settings option "Your Player Support ID" located under the social tab
  • The bug report Discord link now points to https://discord.gg/jATYRXM7zm
  • Upcoming server maintenance is now communicated properly both ingame and in the main menu


  • More attractive starter bundles with more Emeralds
  • Crash fixes based on received crash dumps sent via the crash report dialog
  • Fixed bugs
    • ID 6864: Sometimes the R button for return unit to HQ wasn't working
    • ID 6740: Players using different hotfix versions couldn't play together, causing undesired maintenance downtimes when there was the need for a hotfix
    • ID 7021: Removed odd "bomb defused" message from chat
    • ID 7183: Removed odd "damaged unit vehicle" message from chat

Thank you for providing us with feedback by sending crash dumps via the crash report dialog and writing bug tickets on Discord. If you found new bugs or if your reported bug still exists, feel free to continue using Discord to get in touch with us.