Update 3.0.2 was released!

Improvements for EMERGENCY 5, EMERGENCY 2016 & EMERGENCY 2017

We want to thank all players who helped us find bugs in the games EMERGENCY 5, EMERGENCY 2016 and EMERGENCY 2017.
Through your posts on Steam, Facebook, the Emergency-Forum and support-email we were able to fix many bugs and problems.

Update 3.0.2


  • Removed fixed sequence of events when starting freeplay or multiplay for the first time on a map
  • The freeplay/multiplay events newly introduced in update 3.0.1 now appear more often
  • Sirens now get played longer than only a few seconds
  • The markers below helicopters are not blocking movement and lading commands any more

Bug fixes

  • In freeplay it was possible to get a mission level higher than 4, which was not intended
  • Firefighters got stuck after pulling an injured criminal
  • Fire bars above oil patches in mission "Flood" were not visible
  • The "Avalanche" mission could get stuck when treating and transporting buried victims without rescuing them first with the helicopter
  • The freeplay event "Dirty Bomb" could fail due to time out even though all criminals got arrested already
  • In some cases, the turntable ladder vehicle could not reach victims to be rescued
  • In Hamburg, civilists and units could get stuck near the water
  • The police helicopter does not stutter any more when chasing a criminal
  • After the "Hostage" event, sometimes the house disappeared
  • Removed the audio effect hinting at a vehicle not being able to find its way, which was played too often
  • The achievement for mission "Reactor Disaster" is now easier to get
  • Some of the new multiplay events could not be solved by a client alone


  • The information message on a gained achievement did not disappear correctly in some cases
  • The modification window could not handle 7 or more mods visible at the same time and crashed
  • In the main menu, an information message was added when the game has to perform content consistence check for multiplay
  • Furthermore, a message is now shown during savegame synchronization with online accounts
  • Savegame contents is now explained in the save menu for savegames, to avoid confusion (only progress inside the campaign gets saved)
  • Some player unit help screens got reworked
  • Various minor bug fixes in user interface


  • Account login with e-mail address instead of login name could lead to game progress not being saved correctly
  • Camera view can now be rotated by pressing the middle mouse button as well
  • Various minor usability improvements


  • Some player vehicles were colored wrong when using a different language than English or German
  • In mission "Gang War", the screen could stay dark for some time after the intro
  • Some adaptations for the historical firefighters
  • Fixed appearance of firefighter's hoses in multiplay
  • Fixed short framerate drop due to too many particles getting visible
  • Smoother camera transition in tutorial


  • Fixed a bug that achievements did not appear in Steam
  • Removed achievements in Steam that do not appear in the game


EMERGENCY 2017 content


  • Mission "Crushing the terror cell" will now fail if too many units (3 of them) get injured before the building breakdown
  • Mission "Attack in the heart of Berlin" does not fail as quickly when people get contaminated

Bug fixes

  • Mission "Crushing the terror cell": Some injureds could only get treated after moving them once using the rescue helicopter
  • Mission "Crushing the terror cell": Treatment of some terrorists did not work because of a missing icon
  • Mission "Attack in the heart of Berlin": In some cases, there was a person left to be cut out of a car which could not be found
  • Mission "Attack in the heart of Berlin": A burning object could get listed in the objectives that could not be found
  • Mission "Attack in the heart of Berlin": Rarely, injureds were not correctly recognized as fully treated
  • Medieval mission: Gardists and fanatics could get stuck near the harbor


  • Added an information window hinting at new features in EMERGENCY 2017 and where to find them (one click inside will permanently minimize it)